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    TreeNode *inorder(vector<int>& nums, int root, int &index) {
        if (root > nums.size()) return NULL;
        TreeNode *left = inorder(nums, root * 2, index);
        TreeNode *r = new TreeNode(nums[index++]);
        TreeNode *right = inorder(nums, root * 2 + 1, index);
        r->left = left;
        r->right = right;
        return r;
    TreeNode* sortedArrayToBST(vector<int>& nums) {
        int index = 1;
        nums.insert(nums.begin(), 0);
        return inorder(nums, 1, index);

    The idea is that we can treat the array as trees and construct the tree during in-order traversal. And it guarantee the constructed tree to be the complete binary tree.

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