Why memory limit exceed without the two statements

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    This is my original code :

    public TreeNode upsideDownBinaryTree(TreeNode root) {
        // recursive
        if(root == null) return root;
        if(root.left != null){
            TreeNode newRoot = upsideDownBinaryTree(root.left);
            root.left.left = root.right;
            root.left.right = root;
            return newRoot;
        }else { 
            return root;

    It seems to be an infinite loop.
    Then I looked at https://leetcode.com/discuss/30243/recursive-java-solution. I find

            root.left = null;
            root.right = null;

    should be added before return. May I know why? Thanks a lot!

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    My fault. You need to "end" a tree. Otherwise when OJ check it, it will go back from root to its children and there is no end.

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