Output Limit Exceeded, but I think my answer is correct

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    The solution is DFS. I tried {0,0,0,1,9} and it returns correct answer. Why do I get Output Limit Exceeded? Thanks.

     vector<vector<int> > permuteUnique(vector<int> &num) {
            size_t size = num.size();
            vector<vector<int>> vecs;
            if(size==0) {
                return vecs;
            vector<int> vec;
            sort(num.begin(), num.end());
            helper(num, 0, vecs);
            return vecs;
        void helper(vector<int> &num, int index, vector<vector<int>> &vecs) {
            if(index==num.size()) {
          for(size_t i=index; i<num.size(); ++i) {
    			if(i==index||i>index&&num[i]!=num[index]) {
    				swap(num[i], num[index]);
    				helper(num, index+1, vecs);
    				swap(num[i], num[index]);

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    Your output has duplicates. Try input {0, 0, 1, 1} with your code

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    Thank you so much. I came up with the same problem and your test case inspired me!

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