Why my C++ code TLE? while the same Python code are Accepted.

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    Here is my C++ code, which always TLE:

    class Solution {
        int firstBadVersion(int n) {
            int l = 1, r = n;
            while (l < r) {
                int mid = (l+r)/2;
                if (isBadVersion(mid)) {
                    r = mid;
                } else {
                    l = mid +1;
            return l;

    Here is my python code, the same binary search algo as C++, but this solution is accepted:

    def firstBadVersion(n):
        l = 1
        r = n
        while l < r:
            if isBadVersion(mid):
                r = mid
                l = mid+1
        return l

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    If l and r are very large , (l+r) would exceed the limit of INT_MAX,cause that mid is not correct and you could not meet the condition l<r so the loop would not end.

    Python can auto convert type 'int' to type 'long' to avoid this problem.

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