(Almost) 2-line Python solution

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    import itertools as its
    class Solution(object):
        def letterCombinations(self, digits):           
            g = map( lambda x: [' ','*','abc','def','ghi','jkl','mno','pqrs','tuv','wxyz'][int(x)], digits )
            return [''.join(i) for i in its.product(*g)] if digits else []

    It's 3-line if the import line is counted. :)

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    LeetCode imports itertools for us, so if you use it by that name, you don't need to import it here.

    If you write

    return map(''.join, itertools.product(*g)) if digits else []

    then the line doesn't even get longer but shorter.

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    Or even this:

    return g and map(''.join, itertools.product(*g))

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    Thank you! I replaced len(digits) by digits so that the solution could be clearer. BTW, where can I find the info about what libs are imported by default?

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    I don't know about a list, but in my experience, at least all the useful ones are imported.

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