Help ! why is this memory limit exceed

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            if (root == null) return null ;
            Stack<TreeNode> s = new Stack<TreeNode>() ;
            while( s.peek().left != null || s.peek().right != null ){
                TreeNode temp = s.peek() ;
                if (temp.right != null) s.push(temp.right);
                if (temp.left != null) s.push(temp.left);
            TreeNode head = s.pop();
            TreeNode prev = head ;
            while (!s.empty()){
                prev.left = s.pop();
                if(!s.empty()) prev.right = s.pop();
                prev = prev.right ;
            return head ;

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    I think you there is a cycle in the 'tree' you created. So when the solver try to check some test case, it will stuck into some infinite loop.
    What I mean is that, your algorithm will use only finite time. But the checking part will use infinite time.

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