Morse code intepretor

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    You are given a sequence of morse code with no break in between. you will have to return all the possibility of English interpretation from the given morse code sequence.

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    We can solve the problem of finding all possible sentences given a list of characters. We can translate the original problem into this one by simply translating morse code into characters using a dictionary mapping morse code sequences to chars.

    Then we can solve the problem using recursion:

    // a sentence is a List<String>, where each String is a word from dictionary
    public static List<List<String>> findSentences(char[] chars) {
        int n = chars.length;
        List<List<String>> sentences = new ArrayList<>();
        StringBuilder word = new StringBuilder();
        for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
            if (dictionary.contains(word.toString())) {
                if (n - i > 1) {
                    char[] rest = new char[n - i - 1];
                    System.arraycopy(chars, i + 1, rest, 0, n - i - 1);
                    List<List<String>> sentencesStartingWithWord = findSentences(rest);
                    if (sentencesStartingWithWord != null) {
                        for (List<String> sentence : sentencesStartingWithWord)
                            sentence.add(0, word.toString());
        if (dictionary.contains(word.toString())) {
            // all chars form a single word
            List<String> sentenceWithOneWord = new ArrayList<>();
        if (sentences.isEmpty()) {
            // haven't found any sentence using chars, so return null
            sentences = null;
        return sentences;

    We can improve recursion using memoization.

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