Could anyone help to understand this question?

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    I have couple of question:

    1 - Why the `word` cannot represented by `1w11` or `22`, I maybe have completed misunderstood the question? Will appreciate your answers
    2 - Why are using `1 2 3 4` here to abbreviate a word?
    3 - Generally if you have a sentence like `talk to you later -> ttyl` or `for your information -> fyi`, we use the first letter from sentence? Aren't we doing something similar here? 

    Question may sound dumb but well I am not able to understand it. Will appreciate any help! Thank you

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    It's the kind of abbreviation where a number stands for that many letters. For example, your "1w11" would mean one letter followed by "w" followed by eleven more letters. So for example "swordsmanship".

    A common example is "i18n".

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    1. I guess one number cannot followed by another number unless the number counts exceeds 10. The number of counts may stand for the number of letters which are replaced by such a number. ie. when the number comes to 4, the word "under" has only two abbreviations -- 4r and u4. You may not consider 41 or 14 as an abbreviation. (May not be appropriate plz correct me if I'm wrong.)

    2. Just consider it as a game of permutation and combination.

    3. I don't think they are the same.

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