Javascript time limit exceeded error

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    Still trying to get used to LeetCode format and I don't understand why
    this simple solution gets a time limit exceeded error. Any help?

     * @constructor
     * @param {number[]} nums
    var NumArray = function(nums) {
      this.nums = nums;
     * @param {number} i
     * @param {number} j
     * @return {number}
    NumArray.prototype.sumRange = function(i, j) {
      var sum = 0;
      while (i <= j) {
        sum += this.nums[i];
      return sum;

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    your code needs o(j-i) to find the answer, try a o(1) way

    if you save the numbers simply, it will cost you more time doing sum

    now the problem is that you will do a lot of sum in a array,so do more work on saving the array,not on doing sum.

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