My python solution

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    class Solution(object):
    def isPalindrome(self, head):
        :type head: ListNode
        :rtype: bool
        prev = None
        item = []
        if not head:
            return True
        current = head
        while current:      # X->node1->node2->node3.......node7->X
            nnext =        #save node2
   = prev #let current node1 point to X
            prev = current      #let node1 be the next prev
            current = nnext      #let current be node2 for next loop
        for i in item:
            if i != prev.val:
                return False
            prev =
        return True

    My idea: invert the list first, and compare the reverted list with the val of the list stored in item.

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