Why is the expected output 2 for "5 bulbs"?

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    From my understanding, the bulbs change as follow:
    1st round: [on,on,on,on,on]
    2nd round: [on,off,on,off,on]
    3rd round: [on,off,off,off,on]
    nth/5th round: [on,off,off,off,off]

    My understanding my be wrong, for it is not clear what should happen between round 4 to round n-1. I simply assumed nothing should happen between those rounds.

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    round 4 should be [on,off,off,on,on] i.e. only every 4th bulb should be toggled. Here it's only the 4th. if n is bigger, could be 4, 8, 12, ...., 4*I, ....
    so round 5 should be [on,off,off,on,off]. Now only two bulbs are on.

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    I agree. It didn't mention "and so on" so step 4 is undefined

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