Why "i++" in the for loop will cause Time Limit Exceed?

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    Here is my code:

    public class Solution {
        public int maxSubArray(int[] nums) {
            int max = nums[0],maxEndingHere = nums[0];
            for(int i=1;i<nums.length;i++){
    	        maxEndingHere = Math.max(maxEndingHere+nums[i],nums[i]);
    	        max = Math.max(maxEndingHere,max);
            return max;

    I receive a "Time Limit Exceed" error when I run it, but if I simply change the for loop to be:

    for(int i=1;i<nums.length;++i)

    The test cases pass properly. Can someone tell me why??

    Thank you very much!

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    class Solution {
    int maxSubArray(vector<int>& nums) {
    int size = nums.size();
    int max_sum = nums[0];
    int sum = nums[0];
    if(size == 1) return max_sum;
    for (int i = 1; i < size; i++)
    sum = max(nums[i], sum + nums[i]);
    cout << "sum:" << sum << endl;
    max_sum = max(sum, max_sum);
    return max_sum;

    same solution. guess you lack "() " after your nums.length
    the correct usage should be nums.length()

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