My backtracking C++ solution

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    class Solution {
        vector<string> generateAbbreviations(string word) {
            vector<string> result;
            generateAbbreviationsHelper(word, "", 0, result, false);
            return result;
        void generateAbbreviationsHelper(string& word, string abbr, int i, vector<string>& result, bool prevNum) {
            if (i == word.length()) {
            generateAbbreviationsHelper(word, abbr+word[i], i+1, result, false);
            if (!prevNum) {
                // Add number abbreviations only when we added a character instead of an abbreviation earlier
                for (int len = 1; i+len <= word.length(); ++len) {
                    generateAbbreviationsHelper(word, abbr+to_string(len), i+len, result, true);

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