Why I can't get an output by declaring a structure variable, but it's all right when using a structure pointer?

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    struct ListNode* addTwoNumbers(struct ListNode* l1, struct ListNode* l2) {

    struct ListNode* root = (struct ListNode*)malloc(sizeof(struct ListNode));
    struct ListNode* p = root;
    int carry = 0;
    int mod;
            carry += l1->val;
            l1 = l1->next;
            carry += l2->val;
            l2 = l2->next;
        mod = carry%10;
        carry = carry/10;

    // the question is here. In this way, this function return a null pointer, but it works all right with my laptop...

        struct ListNode nNode; 
        nNode.val = mod;
        nNode.next = NULL;
        p->next = &nNode;
        p = p->next;
        // it'll be all right like below
        struct ListNode* nNode = (struct ListNode*)malloc(sizeof(struct ListNode));;
        nNode->val = mod;
        nNode->next = NULL;
        p->next = nNode;
    return root->next;


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