Python, accepted recursive solution, explained with comments

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    Here is my solution. Not very trivial, but quite straightforward. And the runtime was pretty decent unexpectedly.

    ## @param distincts_curr Pointer to the last node in distincts
    ## @param curr Pointer to the current node in original linked list
    ## @return void
    def deleteDuplicate_rec(distincts_curr, curr):
        if curr is None:
   = None ## no more distincts in the remaining nodes
        ## when curr is at the last node or it has different val with the next node,
        ## it should be added to the distincts
        if ( is None) or (curr.val !=
   = curr
            distincts_curr = curr
            curr =
            deleteDuplicate_rec(distincts_curr, curr)
        ## when curr has the same val with its next, jump till the node with 
        ## different val, or till the None
            val = curr.val
            while (not curr is None) and (curr.val == val):
                curr =
            deleteDuplicate_rec(distincts_curr, curr)
    class Solution(object):
        def deleteDuplicates(self, head):
            ## make an empty header node, which points to the distincts
            fake_head = TreeNode(None)
            fake_curr = fake_head
            deleteDuplicate_rec(fake_curr, head)
            return ## skip the header node

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