Sharing my C++ code with some explanation, easy to understand (at least I think so)

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       class Solution {
                ListNode* deleteDuplicates(ListNode* head) {
                    if(!head || !head->next) return head;
                    ListNode **pp = &head;
                    int val =  head->val;
                    bool dup = false;
                        if(val == ((*pp)->next)->val){
                            //delete the next node
                            (*pp)->next = (*pp)->next->next;
                            dup = true;
                                // delete current node
                                *pp = (*pp)->next;
                                val = (*pp)->val;
                                dup = false;
                               // point to next node
                               pp = &((*pp)->next);
                               val = (*pp)->val;
                    // deleting the end node of list if it's a duplicate one
                    if(dup) *pp = NULL;
                    return head;

    New to c++, I am just sharing for suggestions and tips for any improvement. Thx

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