Is the judge time too strict? My code got a TLE

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    Is the judge time too strict? Why my code always got TLE?
    It's a dfs and mems all the shortest path, and got a TLE.

        public static int ladderLength(String start, String end, HashSet<String> dict) {
        visit.put(start, 0);
        solve(start, end, dict, new LinkedList<String>());
        return resPath.size();
    static void solve(String str, String target, HashSet<String> dict, LinkedList<String> path) {
    	if (str.equals(target)) {
    		if (resPath.size() == 0 || resPath.size() > path.size()) {
    			resPath = new LinkedList<String>(path);
    	StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(str);
    	for (int i = 0; i < str.length(); i++) {
    		char backup = sb.charAt(i);
    		for (int j = 0; j < 26; j++) {
    			char c = (char)('a' + j);
    			if (c == backup) continue;
    			sb.setCharAt(i, c);
    			String checkString = sb.toString();
    			if (dict.contains(checkString)) {
    				if (visit.get(checkString) == null || visit.get(checkString) > path.size()) {
    					visit.put(checkString, path.size());
    					solve(checkString, target, dict, path);
    		sb.setCharAt(i, backup);
    static LinkedList<String> resPath = new LinkedList<String>();
    static HashMap<String, Integer> visit = new HashMap<String, Integer>();

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    Your dfs is so brute force. You can do some optimization in it, like if you have reached some words in dict by x step, you do not have to go deeper recursion next time, when you reach that word again by y step, if x < y.

    However, I prefer BFS to solve the problem, since DFS may causes stack overflow.

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