Succinct iterative Python, O(n) time O(1) space

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    Use a dummy head, and

    l, r : define reversing range

    pre, cur : used in reversing, standard reverse linked linked list method

    jump : used to connect last node in previous k-group to first node in following k-group

    def reverseKGroup(self, head, k):
        dummy = jump = ListNode(0) = l = r = head
        while True:
            count = 0
            while r and count < k:   # use r to locate the range
                r =
                count += 1
            if count == k:  # if size k satisfied, reverse the inner linked list
                pre, cur = r, l
                for _ in range(k):
          , cur, pre = pre,, cur  # standard reversing
      , jump, l = pre, l, r  # connect two k-groups

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    Nice Pythonic way to perform the 3 variable reassignment in one line.

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    Can you explain how the 3 variable tuple unpacking works ? If I unwind it , I usually get
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'next'

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    @rahul8590 Python multiple value assignments work by first evaluating the right hand side.

    All variables on the right-hand side are first evaluated and then assigned to the left hand-side variables going from left->right.

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    @rahul8590 Also, all previous values are considered. (values of all variables before the statement)

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