Could anyone help with my TLE with Python using Min-heap?

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    The idea is similar to merge k sorted arrays, and also similar to Ugly number2. I used a minheap for extract the smallest result each time, but it still TLE.

    def nthSuperUglyNumber(self, n, primes):
        :type n: int
        :type primes: List[int]
        :rtype: int
        if n == 1:
            return 1
        res = [1]
        heap = []
        k = len(primes)
        for i in xrange(k):
        while len(res) < n:
            nxt, index, prime = heap[0]
            while heap and heap[0][0] == nxt:
                heapq.heappush(heap, (prime*res[index+1],index+1,prime))
        return res[-1]

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