*Java* Easy to understand solution 3-line DFS

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    Code in Java:

    public List<String> binaryTreePaths(TreeNode root) {
        List<String> res = new ArrayList<>(); // stores the final output
        if(root==null) return res;
        helper(root, "", res);
        return res;
    // DFS
    private void helper(TreeNode root, String str, List<String> res) {
        if(root.left==null && root.right==null) res.add(str + root.val); // reach a leaf node, completes a path
        if(root.left!=null)                     helper(root.left, str+root.val+"->", res); // recursively checks its left child
        if(root.right!=null)                    helper(root.right, str+root.val+"->", res); // recursively checks its right child

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