Python bisect solution, slow but AC

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    import bisect
    class Solution(object):
        def countSmaller(self, nums):
            result = []
            sortedList = []
            for num in nums[::-1]:
                position=bisect.bisect_left(sortedList, num)
            return result

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    Actually, this logic is great and fast. result.insert takes a lot of time. you can try result.append(position) and then return res[::-1]. you will see your running time will around 170ms which is about half of your current running time.

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    Tried, great idea

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    Also, since you already get the position using bisect_left, you can just call bisect.insert(position, num), rather than bisect.insort(sortedList,num). That would save another log(n) binary search time.

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    @leetcodedavy said in Python bisect solution, slow but AC:

    bisect.insert(position, num)

    Did you mean sortedList.insert(position, num)? Cause bisect module does not have an insert() method. Thanks.

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