This problem is wrong in C language

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    someone says this answer can be accepted,

    void deleteNode(struct ListNode* node) {
        struct ListNode* nextNode = node->next;
        node->val = nextNode->val;
        node->next = nextNode->next;

    but, what will happen if the node is the last node of the list?

    you are setting node->val = NULL->val, it will crash when run!

    this could be avoid anyway by checking the value.

    But the really trouble is, you didn't set "node->pre->next = NULL"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you can not do this if you can't get the pre node, so this problem is wrong !

    you should never code like this in real world !!!!!

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    ok, i didn't see the statement "except the tail"..................

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    you can just check the node at the beginning,like this:
    if (!node || !node->next) return;

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