Why my solution costs 5ms. I saw many of yours just cost 3ms. What's the problem?

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    public List<List<Integer>> pathSum(TreeNode root, int sum) {
        List<List<Integer>> list = new LinkedList<List<Integer>>();
        Stack<Integer> temp = new Stack<Integer>();
        addPath(root, sum, list, temp);
        return list;
    public void addPath(TreeNode node, int sum, List<List<Integer>> list, Stack temp){
        if(node==null) return;
        if(node.val==sum&&node.left==null&&node.right==null) list.add(new LinkedList<Integer>(temp));
            addPath(node.left, sum-node.val, list, temp);
            addPath(node.right, sum-node.val, list, temp);

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    Same thing here. I doubt if there is anything wrong with your code, but that leetcode either increased test sample size or deteriorate their server (which is not quite likely).

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