1 liner java solution with nim game explanation

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    public class Solution {
        public boolean canWinNim(int n) {
            return n % 4 != 0;

    This is a straightforward code that uses the concept of winning-losing positions. A position is losing if from that position, if you took any number of allowed stones [1,2,3] you would go only to winning positions and a position is considered winning if there's at least one move that can lead you to a losing position.

    Initially all the available moves [1,2,3] are winning positions, then we can easily derive the following:

    1 W

    2 W

    3 W

    4 L (1,2,3 lead to W)

    5 W (1 leads to L)

    6 W (2 leads to L)

    7 W (3 leads to L)

    8 L

    9 W

    10 W


    So we can see that only multiple of 4s are losing positions for the first player, while all other numbers are winning.

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    To be honest, I couldn't even understand the problem.

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