Don't take the test too seriously

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    select d.Name as Department, e.Name as Employee, e.Salary
    from Employee e, Employee e2, Department d
    where e.DepartmentId = e2.DepartmentId
    and e.Salary <= e2.Salary
    and e.DepartmentId = d.Id
    group by e.Id, e.Name, e.Salary, e.DepartmentId, d.Name
    having count(*) <=3
    order by e.DepartmentId, e.Salary desc;

    The above is definitely a correct answer and works on MySQL. It should also work for Oracle as well. I tried to use standard SQL only.

    It works fine in my database. But when I submit, I got 'Wrong Answer'
    I figured out some of tests cases try to test top 4, some tried to test top 3. So it will not satisfy all cases.

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