I get time limit exceeds for this simple code in python. But I guess it is O(n)? Similar algo in java works!

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    class Solution(object):
    def findRepeatedDnaSequences(self, s):
        dicts = {}
        results = []
        for st in range(0,len(s)-9):
            k = s[st:st+10]
            if k not in dicts.keys():
                if k not in results:
                    del dicts[k]
        return results

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    That's not O(n), only O(n^2). Because both k not in dicts.keys() and k not in results are only O(n), not O(1). Fixing the first one is trivial, just use k not in dicts. Appending .keys() there is just bad.

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    God observation. I think I overlooked the fact that dicts.keys() returns a list and a list search is O(n). Thanks for taking time to reply. Cheers!

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