Java 34ms solution, clear logic with separate insert method

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    using insertion sort logic. Insert each new node into a sorted linked list with dummy head.

      public class Solution {
            public ListNode insertionSortList(ListNode head) {
                ListNode sortedHeadDummy = new ListNode(0);
                ListNode curr = head;
                while (curr != null) {
                    ListNode next =;
                    insert(sortedHeadDummy, curr);
                    curr = next;
            private void insert(ListNode dummyHead, ListNode target) {
                // left to right scan to insert the target node
                ListNode curr = dummyHead;
                while ( != null && < target.val) {
                    curr =;
       = target;

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    if you have a list:
    4 -> 2->3->1->null. it seems that since 4 is the first element that you are passing to insert() it's next will be set to itself, resulting in a loop at the end of the linked list instead of a null.
    by this lines: =; = target;

    am I wrong?

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