Easy Understand C++ Solution,implement Manual Multiply Process

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    /*Inspired by Manual Multiply calculation process*/
    class Solution {
        string multiply(string num1, string num2) {
            int len1 = num1.size();
            int len2 = num2.size();
                return "0";
            vector<int> res(len1+len2,0); 
            for(int i=0; i<len1; ++i)
                for(int j=0; j<len2; ++j)
                    res[i+j+1] += (num1[i]-'0')*(num2[j]-'0'); //multiply but not carry
            string s = "";
            for(int k = len1+len2-1; k>=0; --k){ //vector int change to string
                    res[k-1] += res[k]/10;
                res[k] = res[k]%10;
                char temp = '0'+res[k];
                s = temp+s;
            return s[0]=='0'?s.substr(1):s;

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