Validate password service

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    Design a service that validates the password. You're given a collection of known bad passwords. Your service API has only one method: bool isBadPassword(String password). When the password is one of the known bad passwords, it returns true; otherwise it returns false. For simplicity, the matching is plain string comparison (case sensitive).

    The requirements:

    1. The method needs to be extremely fast;
    2. The list of known bad passwords is huge: more than 1 billion
    3. The list of known bad passwords keeps being updated constantly.

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    We can maintain a trie for storing, updating and searching bad passwords.

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    Not too difficult, a radix tree should work great here.

    Set up a radix tree of the bad password dictionary and once the user leaves focus of the input field traverse the pre-built radix tree. One great optimization I can think of off the bat is implementing a Bloom filter on top of the database. That'll leave out all the good passwords from triggering the traversal.

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