C++ dp solution using O(1) extra space.

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    int maxProduct(vector<int>& nums) {
        int curMax, curMin, res;
        curMax = curMin = res = nums[0];
        for (unsigned int i=1; i<nums.size(); i++) {
            int tmp = curMin;
            curMin = min(nums[i], min(curMax*nums[i], curMin*nums[i]));
            curMax = max(nums[i], max(curMax*nums[i], tmp*nums[i]));
            res = max(res, curMax);
        return res;

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    You need, at least check if the vector is empty or not. Anyway, the code is very neat and expressive!

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    Yes, that's true, vector should be checked first! thanks

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    For this solution, I have some doubts in mind:

    1. curMax/curMin may not be contiguous with i, so I don't think we can safely multiply nums[i] with curMax or curMin. (this is the case when there is 0 in middle, it partitions the array)
    2. And what happens if there is 0 at start of array, then max and min both are ZERO.
      Did I miss anything?

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    Yes, you did miss something. If it becomes 0, then when comes to next number, you will start over: curMin=min(nums[i], 0). you see that curMin will be negative or zero.

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