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    For example: how do you spell 1999 in roman?

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    Although I am quoting, I am sure that this statement applies for websites like this:

    With newly released problems it is quite possible that a small error may have slipped through the net, or maybe the wording is slightly ambiguous and the problem has not been explained as well as it could. However, when so many people have hit the target and one marksman misses ten times on the run, he/she can hardly shoot his/her own foot and conclude that because the gun is working properly the fault must lie in the target.

    Anyway, check this out:

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    Thanks, I figured it out, but guess I'd better ask this question, so that everyone come later will not be confused by this. btw: if you are the administrator of this website, I think it's best to put the links you gave in the question, so that nobody will be confused anymore~

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    The number I can come only before V and X ( or I itself). Similar rule applies for X and C.

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    So the number 1999 can be represented only as MCMXCIX.

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