A concise explanation of Pre-calculation

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    Using the same example as the question's:


    separate it into four parts based on the given rectangle:

    a = (3,5)
    b = (0,1,4,
    c = (1,4,1)
    d = (2,0,1,

    "d" is what we need to calculate here, so let's make it forward:

    A = a = sumRegion(0,0, row1 - 1, col1 - 1)
    B = a + b = sumRegion(0,0, row1 - 1, col2)
    C = a + c = sumRegion(0,0, row2, col1 - 1)
    D = a + b + c + d = sumRegion(0,0, row2, col2)

    so it's easy to get this: d = (A+D) - (B+C)

    The rest is that how to calculate A, B, C and D.

    Yes, just for-loop one time the matrix, we can get them.

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    I don't quite think of it like your a, b, c, d but like this:

    enter image description here

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    I think you should also draw a paint to explain how to get the sum of the blue and red rectangles.

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    The diagram is the same as the equation: d = (A+D) - (B+C), my "a, b, c, d" just hep to reach that. But yes, your diagram is more concise.

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