10 lines Python solution

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    This is inspired from https://leetcode.com/discuss/41902/share-my-java-solution , I used some python tricks to make the code more compact, but the general ideas are the same, please give him/her a vote if you like his/her solution :)

    def calculate(s):
        num, op, stack = 0, '+', [0]
        ops = {'+':lambda x, y: y, '-':lambda x, y: -y, '*':lambda x, y: x*y, '/':lambda x, y: (int)(float(x)/float(y))}
        for i, c in enumerate(s):
            if c.isdigit():
                num = num * 10 + int(c)
            if not c.isdigit() and c != ' ' or i == len(s)-1:
                prev = 0 if op in '+-' else stack.pop()
                stack.append(ops[op](prev, num))
                num, op = 0, c
        return sum(stack)

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