I think there is an issue with the question.

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    I got a solution on other's website it passed all the test cases. However, I consider that there is a problem with the question. I mean, the result or the test cases sometimes are not correct.
    For example, for a 10 '+' string which is "++++++++++", the result of the test case is true, but I can proof that it should be false.

    (1)- means first player, (2) means second player.

    First scenario:
    If the first person started from the first two, the second player could just skip a '+', and the first player has no way to win.

    ++(1) +(skip) ++(2) +(skip) ++(1) ++(2)

    ++(1) +(skip) ++(2) ++(1) +(skip) ++(2)

    ++(1) +(skip) ++(2) ++(1) ++(2) +

    Second scenario:
    If the first person skipped the first '+', and the second person got the following two '+', then no matter the 1st person skip the next '+' or not, there is no way to win.

    +(skip) ++(1) ++(2) ++(1)+(skip) ++(2)+

    +(skip) ++(1) ++(2) +(skip) ++(1) ++(2)+

    Please let me know if I didn't make it clear or my thought is wrong. I am so confused with the question and I am even more confused with why those answer could pass in the test cases? Here is the one I found that could pass the test cases but I am not sure if the logic is correct.

    public boolean canWin(String s) {
        for (int i = 0; i < s.length() - 1; ++i)
            if (s.charAt(i) == '+' && s.charAt(i + 1) == '+' && !canWin(s.substring(0, i) + "--" + s.substring(i + 2)))
                    return true;
        return false;

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    You're wrong. That case is easily won simply by flipping the middle two and then mirroring the moves of the second player.

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