Java BFS solution with some explanations

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    public class Solution {
    public List<List<String>> findLadders(String beginWord, String endWord, Set<String> wordList) {
        // Dummy return list in case no solution
        List<List<String>> list = new ArrayList<>();
        // Queue for BFS
        Queue<node> q = new LinkedList<>();
        // Prepare for the first node
        List<String> first = new ArrayList<>();  // Define path list
        q.offer(new node(beginWord, first)); // Add the first node in the queue
        wordList.remove(beginWord);             // After adding beginWord in the queue, make sure it doesn't appear in the list
        // Prepare for the map
        Map<String, List<List<String>>> map = new HashMap<>();  // Use map to memorize paths to each string in the middle
        List<List<String>> start = new ArrayList<>();   // Insert the first mapping for beginWord
        map.put(beginWord, start);
        wordList.add(endWord);                  // Add endWord into the list
        while(!q.isEmpty()) {
            // Level by level, get the number of nodes for each level
            int n = q.size();
            Set<String> set = new HashSet<>(); // data structure to track words that are transferred from wordList to queue
            // Scann the level
            while(n-- > 0) {
                node cur = q.poll();
                String word = cur.word;
                if(word.equals(endWord)) {
                    return map.get(word);
                } else {
                    // find all words in the list that are only one-character different than the current one
                    char[] arr = word.toCharArray();
                    for(int i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
                        for(char c = 'a'; c <= 'z'; c++) {
                            char temp = arr[i];
                            if(temp != c) arr[i] = c;
                            String newWord = new String(arr);
                            if(wordList.contains(newWord)) {
                               // Find all the previous paths to the current word from the map    
                               List<List<String>> all = map.get(word);
                               // Add the newWord to the end of each path and then write them back to the map
                               for(List<String> each : all) {
                                   List<String> pre = new ArrayList<>(each);
                                   if(map.keySet().contains(newWord)) {
                                       List<List<String>> path = map.get(newWord);
                                       map.put(newWord, path);
                                   } else {
                                       q.offer(new node(newWord, pre));
                                       List<List<String>> path = new ArrayList<>();
                                       map.put(newWord, path);
                                // temporarily memorize the transferred words, can't remove them yet.
                                // e.g. 1. hot -> dot -> dit
                                //      2. hot -> hit -> dit
                                // If "dit" is removed too early from the wordList after the traversal of "dot", we lose the second path. 
                            arr[i] = temp;
            // After scanning the whole level, remove all the transferred words
      return list;


    // Helper class that records word
    class node{
    String word;
    List<String> pre;

    public node(String word, List<String> pre) {
        this.word = word;
        this.pre = pre;


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