Java Trie DFS with comments

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    enum SearchResult { NOT_FOUND, PREFIX_FOUND, WORD_FOUND};
    class TrieNode{
        String value;
        HashMap<Character, TrieNode> children = null;
        Boolean flag;
        public TrieNode(){
            value = null;
            children = new HashMap<>();
            flag = Boolean.FALSE;
        public TrieNode(String value){
            this.value = value;
            children = new HashMap<>();
            flag = Boolean.FALSE;
        public void add(Character c){
            String val = "";
            if(this.value == null){
                val = String.valueOf(c);
                val = this.value + String.valueOf(c);
            this.children.put(c, new TrieNode(val));
    class Trie{
        TrieNode root = null;
        public Trie(){
            root = new TrieNode();
        public void addWord(String word){
            TrieNode node = root;
            for(Character c: word.toCharArray()){
                node= node.children.get(c);
            node.flag = true;
        public void addWords(String[] words){
            for(String word :  words){
        public TrieNode getRoot(){
            return root;
        public SearchResult search(String word){
            TrieNode node = root;
            for(Character c : word.toCharArray()){
                if(!node.children.containsKey(c)) return SearchResult.NOT_FOUND;
                node = node.children.get(c);
            return (node.flag)?SearchResult.WORD_FOUND:SearchResult.PREFIX_FOUND;
    public class Solution {
        public void dfs(Trie trie, Set<String> set, int i, int j, char[][] board, String word, boolean[][] visited){
            if(i<0 || j<0 || i>board.length-1 || j> board[0].length-1 || visited[i][j]) return;
            //get the current stream of the word
            word += board[i][j];
            //for a particular path we take in the graph, we make sure we dont revisit them in the following recurrences
            visited[i][j] = true;
            //search the trie for the word
            SearchResult result =;
            //if considering the word as a prefix fails, then there is no use to proceed, so we terminate
            if(result == SearchResult.NOT_FOUND){ 
                //reset visited to false
                visited[i][j] = false;
            }//if the word itself was found, then add it to the set
            else if(result == SearchResult.WORD_FOUND) set.add(word);
            //now perform DFS
            dfs(trie, set, i-1, j, board, word, visited);
            dfs(trie, set, i+1, j, board, word, visited);
            dfs(trie, set, i, j-1, board, word, visited);
            dfs(trie, set, i, j+1, board, word, visited);                
            //reset visited to false
            visited[i][j] = false;
        public List<String> findWords(char[][] board, String[] words) {
            if(board.length == 0 || words.length == 0 || board[0].length == 0) return new ArrayList<String>();
            int rows = board.length;
            int cols = board[0].length;
            boolean[][] visited = new boolean[rows][cols];
            Set<String> set = new HashSet<>();
            //create a trie with all of the input words   
            Trie trie = new Trie();
            //perform DFS from every point in the board
            for(int i=0;i<rows;i++){
                for(int j=0;j<cols;j++){
                    dfs(trie, set, i, j, board, "", visited);    
            //return the list
            return new ArrayList<String>(set);

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