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    Can the original asker or an admin please modify the problem statement? I am extremely confused by the test cases that are being produced based on the problem description:

    The problem clearly states that the guess and the secret are of length 4. But given this, why am I seeing test cases like:

    1. Secret: ""
      Guess: ""
      Expected Output: "0A0B"
      Complaint Issue: Nothing in the problem says anything of handling strings less than length 4, let alone the empty case of all things - please do not claim the length is 4 when we are supposed to handle this case.

    2. Secret: "1"
      Guess: "0"
      Expected Output: "0A0B"
      Complaint Issue: In addition to violating the length 4 specification, why does this expect 0 cows? There is clearly 1 digit not in the correct place which, according to the problem, counts as a cow. If we are simply to return 0A0B for all strings not of length 4, then please put that in the specification. But somehow this is not true either since.....

    3. Secret "1"
      Guess: "1"
      Expected Output: "1A0B"
      Complaint Issue: Directly contradicts what the previous test case revelation suggests.

    Thank you for your time.

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