How to find the closest value in a Binary Tree (Not Binary Search Tree) in Java using recursion?

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    I was asked during an interview to write a function that find the closest value to int i in a Binary Tree. I was having some trouble coming up with a solution. Can someone help me out? Thanks.

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    We just have to traverse the whole tree and track the closest value, suppose the root node is not null, here is the Java solution:

    int getClosest(TreeNode root, int target) {
      int closest = root.val;
      Stack<TreeNode> stack = new Stack<>();
      while (!stack.isEmpty()) {
        TreeNode node = stack.pop();
        if (Math.abs(node.val - target) < Math.abs(closest - target))
          closest = node.val;
        if (node.left != null)
        if (node.right != null)
      return closest;

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