Simple Java recursive method use one auxiliary node

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    TreeNode last = null; 
    public TreeNode upsideDownBinaryTree(TreeNode root) {
        if(root==null) return null;
        if(root.left==null) return root;
        TreeNode left = upsideDownBinaryTree(root.left);
        TreeNode right = upsideDownBinaryTree(root.right);
        //Re-link tree nodes 
        if(last==null) last = left;
        last.left = root.right;
        last.right = root;
        //Remember to free the children nodes, otherwise MLE
        root.left = null;
        root.right = null;
        last = root;
        //The left most node is the new root so we return it
        return left; 

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    BTW, a more simple to understand but less efficient method: When you look at the reversed tree carefully, you'll find that the upside-down tree is built from Post order traversal Therefore, you can post order traverse the tree and store them in an array, then build them from up to down.

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