(C++, 20ms) Basic backtracking solution with simple pruning strategy

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    class Solution {
        vector<vector<int>> combinationSum2(vector<int>& candidates, int target) {
            vector<vector<int>> result;
            vector<int> tmp;
            sort(candidates.begin(), candidates.end());
            dfs(candidates, result, tmp, 0, target);
            return result;
        bool dfs(vector<int> candidates, vector<vector<int>> &result, vector<int> tmp, int pos, int target){
            if(target < 0) return true; //prune: since the current element will cause a larger target, so no need to consider elements behind current element.
            if(target == 0){
                return false;
            for(int i = pos; i < candidates.size(); i++){
                if(i > pos && candidates[i] == candidates[i-1]) continue;//eleminate dup elements
                bool flag = dfs(candidates, result, tmp, i+1, target-candidates[i]);
                if(flag) break;//if flag == true, prune.
            return false;

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