C++, no-recursion, clean BFS solution

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    If you draw the 3 or 4 level, just to make sure, binary tree and invert it on a paper, you will easily see that all have to be done is to swap kids for each node. This can be done many ways: recursion or using queue to store nodes of one level. Recursion is not good way to go due to performance overhead and risk to run it against huge tree. With standard queue solution looks simple robust and runs faster.

    TreeNode* invertTree(TreeNode* root) {
        if(nullptr == root) return root;
        queue<TreeNode*> myQueue;   // our queue to do BFS
        myQueue.push(root);         // push very first item - root
        while(!myQueue.empty()){    // run until there are nodes in the queue 
            TreeNode *node = myQueue.front();  // get element from queue
            myQueue.pop();                     // remove element from queue
            if(node->left != nullptr){         // add left kid to the queue if it exists
            if(node->right != nullptr){        // add right kid 
            // invert left and right pointers      
            TreeNode* tmp = node->left;
            node->left = node->right;
            node->right = tmp;
        return root;

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