Suggest solution: Fibonacci Numbers

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    The number of distinct ways is the Fibonacci Numbers, since when you climb the n stairs, you need distinct ways of n-1(1 more steps here) stairs plus distinct ways of n-2 stairs (2 more steps here). For example, when you climb 4 stairs, you can either climb 3 stairs (3 ways) and 1 more step or 2 sitars (2 ways) and 2 more steps, so there are 5 ways in total. So the solution becomes easy, here is a non- recursive one:

    def climbStairs(self, n):
    	fib = {}
    	for i in range (1,n+1):
    		if i <= 2:
    			f = i 
    			f = fib[i-1] + fib[i-2]
    		fib[i] = f 
    	return fib[n]

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    Python Solution

    class Solution:
        # @param n, an integer
        # @return an integer
        def climbStairs(self, n):
            if n==0 or n==1 or n==2:
                return n
            for i in range(2,n):
            return num[n-1]

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    Nice, Reeclapple! Append is my favorite method, but I'm not sure if interviewers would prefer hash tables, recursive, or others

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    For this question DP shall be the best solution. Recursion would definitely took extra overhead.

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    thank you! your explanation makes so much more sense than everyone jumping to fibonacci.

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