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    The idea is based on Connected-component labeling. The disjoint-set (union find) implementation is based on this one.

    from collections import defaultdict
    # disjoint-set node
    class DsNode:
        def __init__(self):
            self.rank = 0
            self.parent = self
    class DisjointSets:
        # DisjointSets Constructors and public methods.
        def __init__(self):
            self._sets = defaultdict(DsNode)
        def find(self, x):
            # path compression
            while x.parent is not x:
                x.parent = x.parent.parent
                x = x.parent
            return x
        def findByLabel(self, label):
            return self.find(self._sets[label])
        def unionByLabel(self, labelA, labelB):
            # union by rank
            a, b = self.find(self._sets[labelA]), self.find(self._sets[labelB])
            if a is not b:
                if a.rank > b.rank:
                    b.parent = a
                    a.parent = b
                    if a.rank == b.rank:
                        b.rank += 1
    # Connected-component labeling algorithm
    class Solution(object):
        def solve(self, board):
            :type board: List[List[str]]
            :rtype: void Do not return anything, modify board in-place instead.
            rows = len(board)
            if rows > 2:
                cols = len(board[0])
                if cols > 2:
                    ds = DisjointSets()
                    dummy = rows * cols
                    max_row_index, max_col_index = rows - 1, cols - 1
                    labels, next_label = [[0] * cols for _ in range(rows)], 1
                    # connect 'O's in 1st column to dummy node
                    for row in xrange(rows):
                        if board[row][0] == 'O':
                            labels[row][0] = dummy
                    # connect 'O's in 1st row to dummy node
                    for col in xrange(1, cols):
                        if board[0][col] == 'O':
                            labels[0][col] = dummy
                    for row in xrange(1, rows):
                        for col in xrange(1, cols):
                            if board[row][col] == 'O':
                                # check north and west cells
                                north, west = row - 1, col - 1
                                if board[north][col] == 'O':
                                    # use the label of north cell
                                    labels[row][col] = labels[north][col]
                                if board[row][west] == 'O':
                                    if labels[row][col] == 0:
                                        # current cell not labeled, use the label of west cell
                                        labels[row][col] = labels[row][west]
                                    elif labels[row][col] != labels[row][west]:
                                        # union the two labels of north and west cells
                                        ds.unionByLabel(labels[row][col], labels[row][west])
                                if labels[row][col] == 0:
                                    # current cell not labeled: must be an isolated cell. Use next label
                                    labels[row][col] = next_label
                                    next_label += 1
                                if row == max_row_index or col == max_col_index:
                                    # union boundary cells with dummy node 
                                    ds.unionByLabel(dummy, labels[row][col])
                    dummy = ds.findByLabel(dummy)
                    # scan board, check whether an 'O' cell is connected to dummy node
                    for row in xrange(1, max_row_index):
                        for col in xrange(1, max_col_index):
                            if board[row][col] == 'O' and ds.findByLabel(labels[row][col]) is not dummy:
                                # capture cell if it is not connected to dummy node
                                board[row][col] = 'X'

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