Simple and easy C++ solution modified from the best solution of House Robber (Easy)

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    int rob_line(vector<int>& nums, int start, int end) {
        int odd_sum=0;
        int even_sum=0;
        for(int i=start; i<end; i++) {
                odd_sum = max(even_sum, odd_sum+nums[i]);
                even_sum = max(odd_sum, even_sum+nums[i]);
        return max(odd_sum, even_sum);
    int rob(vector<int>& nums) {
        if(nums.size()==0) return 0;
        else if(nums.size()==1) return nums[0];
        else return max(rob_line(nums,0,nums.size()-1), rob_line(nums,1,nums.size()));

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