3 lines Java solution

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    public boolean isSameTree(TreeNode p, TreeNode q) {
        if(p==null && q==null) return true;
        if(p==null || q==null) return false;
        return (p.val==q.val) && isSameTree(p.left,q.left) && isSameTree(p.right,q.right);


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    I think you have to modify the 2nd if condition to be

    if((p==null || q==null) && !(p == null && q == null)) return false;

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

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    this is already covered by the first statement : (p == null && q == null) can never be true on the second line because the second line states if(p==null && q==null) return true;

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    Exactly what I did. :D

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    @stuthi 2nd if is executed only if first if isn't ,thus !(p == null && q == null)) is extra.

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