What is the difference between these two codes?

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    Here is the ac code:

    class Solution {
        TreeNode* fineNodes(vector<int>& nums, int leftInd, int rightInd)
             if (leftInd > rightInd) return NULL;
             int mid = (leftInd + rightInd) >> 1;
             TreeNode *node = new TreeNode(nums[mid]);
             node->right = fineNodes(nums, mid + 1, rightInd);
             node->left = fineNodes(nums, leftInd, mid - 1);
             return node;
    TreeNode* sortedArrayToBST(vector<int>& nums) {
             return fineNodes(nums, 0, nums.size() - 1);

    However, if I declare the variable "node" in the fineNodes function like this:

    TreeNode node(nums[mid]);

    and at the end of this funtion:

    return &node;

    then LeetCode will tell me Runtime Error. But I tested this code in my ide, this code still work without Runtime Error given the same input.

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