1ms easy to understand java solution, just traverse the tree once

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    public int longestConsecutive(TreeNode root) {
       int[] ret    = new int[]{0};
       int   curLen = 0;
       helper(null, root, curLen, ret);
       return ret[0];
    private void helper(TreeNode parent, TreeNode cur, int curLen, int[] ret){
        if(cur == null){
        curLen =   parent == null || cur.val != parent.val + 1
                 ? 1
                 : curLen + 1;
        ret[0] = Math.max(ret[0], curLen);
        helper(cur, cur.left,  curLen, ret);
        helper(cur, cur.right, curLen, ret);

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    Why is ret an int array. Can it be a int?

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    int does not work. We need to pass in a reference to an object so that any changes to this object will be visible

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