Java solution O(logN)

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    public class Solution {

    int min;
    public int findMin(int[] nums) {
        min = nums[0];
        return min;
    void search(int[] nums,int left,int right){
        if (left >= right) return;
        int mid = (left + right) /2;
        if (min > nums[mid]) {
            min = nums[mid];
        else search(nums,mid+1,right);


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    I think you did not consider descending order. Just try the test case [2,1,0].

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    [2,1,0] is not a valid input, because it's not a sorted (implicitly ascending if not said otherwise) array rotated. Any way you rotate you'll never get an ascending array: [1,0,2], [0,2,1].

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