My solution and explaination.

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    class Solution {
    ListNode* removeElements(ListNode* head, int val) {
    if(head == NULL) return NULL;
    ListNode *h;
    h->next = head;
    ListNode *p = h; //point p and h point to head;

        while(head != NULL){
            if(head && head->val == val){                  //if nodes value equal val;
                while(head && head->val == val){
                    head = head->next;                        //find until the node not equal val
                if(head == NULL){                               //if head == NULL, it means that all nodes after last step equal val.
                    h->next = NULL;                            //then h next point to the tail(i.e. NULL)
                else{                                                  //if head not NULL, means find one node which not equal val and there is still nodes`s value not equal val.
                    h->next = head;                           //h next point to the nodes which not equal val
                    h = h->next;                                 //move h to the node which not equal val. it will point to next step result.
                    head = head->next;                    //head point to next value.
            else{                                                    //if nodes value not equal val, head and h should point to next node;
                head = head->next;
                h = h->next;
        return p->next;


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    My answer is similar to yours.

        ListNode curr = head;
        ListNode last = null;
                    head =;
                last = curr;
            curr =;
        return head;

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