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    My Idea is to use String.split to separate the string into parts and test the validity of each part.

    public class Solution {
    public boolean isNumber(String s) {
            return false;
        s=s.trim().toUpperCase(); // remove leading and trailing whitespaces.
        int n=s.length();
        String[] tokens=s.split("[E]",-1); // limiter -1 preserves all the tokens including leading and trailing ""
        if(tokens.length!=1 && tokens.length!=2) // s is "" or has at least two 'E', invalid
            return false; 
            return checkFloat(tokens[0]); // has no 'E', then check whether is a pure float.
        return checkFloat(tokens[0]) && checkSeriesNum(true,false,tokens[1]);
    private boolean checkFloat(String s){
        String[] tokens=s.split("[.]",-1);
        if(tokens.length!=1 && tokens.length!=2)
            return false;   // empty string or have more than one '.'
        if(tokens.length==1)  // an Integer
            return checkSeriesNum(true,false,tokens[0]); // can have sign, but not alone.
        if(tokens[0].length()==0) // '.' at start, '.xxx'
            return checkSeriesNum(false,false,tokens[1]);
        if(tokens[1].length()==0) // '.' at end, 'xxx.' 
            return checkSeriesNum(true,false,tokens[0]); // cannot be only sign
        return checkSeriesNum(true,true,tokens[0]) && checkSeriesNum(false,false,tokens[1]);
    private boolean checkSeriesNum(boolean canHaveSign, boolean onlysign, String s){
        int n=s.length();
        char[] schar=s.toCharArray();
            return false;
            if(canHaveSign && onlysign)
                return (schar[0]>='0' && schar[0]<='9') || schar[0]=='+' || schar[0]=='-';
            return schar[0]>='0' && schar[0]<='9';
        int i=0;
            if(i==0 && canHaveSign && (schar[i]=='+' || schar[i]=='-')){
            if(schar[i]<'0' || schar[i]>'9')
                return false;
        return true;


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